How many pieces of art should I send?
We recommend that you send about 10 more pieces than the number of pages in your book. For example, for a 26-page book, send us about 36 pieces. We may not include all 36 pieces, but this allows us greater design flexibility.

What is the biggest piece of art I can send?
Our wide-format scanner can scan up to 3 ft x 5 ft. If we can’t scan it, we will photograph it in our studio. So, whether it’s a growth chart, a lifesize portrait, or a gingerbread house, we can put it in your book.

Can I add text to my book?
Yes. You can have text on each page if you’d like. When you send us your art, please attach a note with the caption that belongs with that piece. See the pricing page for the cost of adding captions.

Can I add photos to my book?
Yes. You can send photos. For the best quality, we recommend you email us the photos in jpg format and in actual size.

What is the “About Me” in the back of the book?
In the back of each book, a photo is featured of your child with a few words written by you. Your Jumbo Dog book designer will contact you with the email address for you to send the information.

Can I review my book before it is printed?
Yes! Once we design your book, we will send you a link where you can review your book online.

Can I make changes to my book?
Yes. When you review your book online, you can send us an email with up to three changes.

What’s the difference between a “glass” cover and “hard” cover?
The glass cover book displays one piece of art under glass on the cover, and has a leather back. The hardcover features a piece of art wrapped around the entire book.

How thick are the pages?
The pages in a glass cover book are extra thick–the same as you would find in a toddler’s “board book.” The pages in our hardcover books are still rigid, but not quite as thick.

Can I send a sculpture or 3D piece of art?
Yes! We have a professional photography studio where we can photograph art which can’t be scanned. Please wrap it very carefully to ensure it arrives safely. We will mail it back in the same packaging it came. (Please note, Jumbo Dog may invoice you separately to cover the cost for additional shipping charges.)

What kinds of things can I include in my book?
If we can scan it or photograph it, we can include it in your book. We’re happy to digitize newspaper articles, notes to the tooth fairy, or anything else you’ve kept in a shoe box.

Will you edit the content of my book?
For design purposes, we ask that you send us more pieces than we may have room for. Certain pieces may not scan or photograph well, or may not fit well with the rest of the book.

How long will it take to get my book?
Once we have your art, it will take us up to two weeks to design it and send you the link to review it. After your approval, we are usually able to deliver your books within two-three weeks.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept personal checks, cash or Paypal.

When do I pay for my book?
Payment is due in full when we receive your art and order form.

Can I have a copy of all my scanned art?
Yes. We can make a copy for you of all your digitized art on a CD. The cost for the copy is $75 with the purchase of a book. For scanning alone, the cost is $125/up to 20 pieces, $225/up to 40 pieces, and $300/up to 60 pieces. (Please note: Jumbo Dog will invoice you separately for this service.)

How do I send a gift certificate to a friend?
Jumbo Dog offers two ways to send a gift certificate. You can have it emailed directly to the recipient with a personalized note, or you can ask us to mail it to them in a gift wrapped box for a small processing fee. Click here to order.