Our Story

A former research sociologist, Jumbo Dog Founder Yaël van Hulst always knew she wanted to do something creative and entrepreneurial. As a mother of two artistic sons, Yaël found herself surrounded by bins and bags full of wonderful memories.

Jumbo Dog Artbooks

A Dutch native, Yaël has a penchant for modern, clean lines and organization, as well as her own creative abilities. She had an idea for and was inspired to create a company that would help families enjoy their children’s art in the form of stunning and meaningful memory books. With the whimsical mascot of the family’s bull dog, the company has thrived since its launch in 2012.

As the business has evolved, Jumbo Dog also has expanded to accommodate client requests for a wide variety of memory books, including vacation, graduation, special birthday, anniversary and other books.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide families with beautifully crafted, custom, well-designed books that thoughtfully represent our clients and their families. Customer service and the consumer experience are of the highest importance to us. Therefore, we give focused attention and care to each project, regardless of the size and scope. In this spirit of flexibility, we will work with a variety of art or photo formats and sizes to deliver a truly personalized product.

As the dedicated founder of Jumbo Dog, Yael personally oversees each and every book to ensure that the design meets the clients expectations.

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