Holiday Pine Cone Tree

Posted on December 15, 2014 

Need a break from shopping and want to do something fun and creative with your kids that involves getting fresh air? Jumbo Dog Co-founder Yaël van Hulst likes to come up with a creative holiday project every year. This year she and her boys made a pine cone Christmas tree.

All you need are pinecones that you collect on a walk, a short (but sturdy) branch, paints, a piece of wood, wood glue, as well as a glue gun.

It is fun, festive, and easy! Check out her five easy steps below to create your masterpiece! Happy Holidays!

Step 1
Collect about 30/40 small sized pine cones (about 3-4” and store bought work too!), as well as a stick/branch that is about 3” in width to put in the center.


Step 2
Spread newspaper out and start painting (tempura or acrylic paint). You can encourage your kids to get creative using sparkly paint and different colors!

Step 3
Attach the branch to the base using wood glue. (Make sure to give it plenty of time to dry!)


Step 4
Once the Pine cones are dry, attach them along the sides of the branch with a hot glue gun, radiating outward. Start at the bottom and work upward, filling in the holes as you go.

Step 5
Add cotton to make a little winter wonderland and consider adding on some fun little creatures in the snow or even small lights!

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