How To Get Started in Five Easy Steps

1) Select the artwork and other items you would like to include in your custom Jumbo Dog book(s).*

Or simply send us your art bin, box, or bag, and for a $75 fee, we’ll sort through it for you! Once sorted, Jumbo Dog will invoice you prior to beginning your book(s).

2) Select the type of book, size and number of pages* you would like for each book, and fill out the online order form. For options and pricing, click here.

*When selecting the number of pages, please add 10 pieces to the page number.  For example, a 26 page book generally has 36 pieces of art.  If you would like to send a few more pieces, we can try to add them in or make the decision on what pieces to include.

3) Simply fill out our online order form, and we will contact you to schedule a time to deliver your art, if you are in the Richmond Hill, GA area, or give you the mailing address to ship your items.

4) Preview your custom-designed book via the online link emailed to you by Jumbo Dog.

5) Once approved for printing, you will receive your custom book within two to three weeks.

Note: Jumbo Dog will return your box, bin or bag.  Unless you ask us to recycle it, we’ll let you make the decision on whether or not you keep it. 🙂

*Specification on Items that can be included in your book.

You can include one, two and three dimensional items in your book. The items included can be: art, sculptures, trophies, childhood mementos (e.g., favorite stuffed animal, toy or even clothing item), homemade cards, newspaper clippings, report cards, a favorite letter, etc. We do ask that all items are appropriate, and we reserve the right to exclude any items we deem as inappropriate.

We can scan most flat pieces up to 3′ by 5′. Any items that are 2 or 3 dimensional will be photographed in our professional photography studio. Items to be photographed cannot be larger than 30 square inches.

Questions? Contact us here.  A staff member will respond within 12 hours.